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In varied industries ranging from dairy, brewing to pharmaceutical, the use of remote visual inspection or video endoscope examination has been widely used by many professionals to access internal areas of restricted access without the need of disassembling surrounding structures or machinery. The technology over the years has enabled the use of lighter equipment, clearer coloured displays and down-loadable images to ensure that the component or item under examination is fit for purpose. It allows the user to discover any problems before they cause a major problem.
Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEI) has the latest remote visual / video endoscope equipment to carry out inspection of any application requiring a recordable image making it possible to inspect otherwise difficult-to-reach areas, such as inside pumps, pipes, tanks, vessels and other voids, including behind walls. Any complex geometry set-up can be inspected with just a small access needed. This capability with the wealth of knowledge of the INDEI technicians meets the needs of the clients time after time, working closely with them to ensure a reliable, quality compliant and cost efficient method of testing.

The company PMTI Engineering Limited uses in its workshops, in difficult conditions on construction sites, and in the assembly of machines from leading manufacturers, exclusively the welding technology of the company LORCH Series Handy TIG.

Profi TIG easier than ever before.Stainless steel and aluminum.Absolutely easy and perfect.

For precise cutting of pipes, we use only tools from the company ORBITALUM +GF+

Modern hand-held power tools from best international manufacturers.

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